Street Portraits

I have finally set up a darkroom of sorts.  I can develop my own film, and as of yesterday afternoon, I can scan it as well.  

I was honoured to win the Sackville Photo Club's Portrait Category with this image, and it went on to take best in show.  Needless to say I was floored, and incredibly grateful.  I was given a beautiful canvas print of the photo, as well as a gift card for Henry's! 

Fast forward a couple days later.  

I was just leaving work when I got a phone call from a strange number.  When I answer these I usually get either "Congratulations! You have ..." *click*  or a foghorn of sorts followed by a man pretending to be a captain of a cruise ship telling me how I've just won a free cruise. 

I decided to pick up the phone anyway.  

A real person responded on the other end when I said "Hello?" and began to tell me that she was a representative of and that I had just won a gift card at the NYC Superstore, B&H Photography.  She only needed to confirm my address.  Wow!!

At Henry's, I picked up developer and fixer, and at B&H I picked up a scanner and some film I don't see much of around Halifax.  

The only thing missing was a development tank.  I posted an ad on kijiji saying I was looking for one and within a day I traded a case of beer for a still-in-box Paterson tank with two reels.  Sweet!

So here are some of the results so far, as I took some Ilford HP5+ and hit the streets, intent on getting some portraits of complete strangers.

Strangely enough, approaching people and asking to take their portrait was much easier than I thought.  For the most part, people were quite receptive when I told them what I wanted, and they were even a bit flattered.  The gentleman in the photo above gave me some advice about job hunting, and the man below took off his bow-tie and showed me how to tie it.

All of the photos were metered for ISO320, and developed in Ilfosol 3 developer.  The scanner is a much more elegant solution than the box I had constructed for back-lighting and scanning film with my DSLR.

I think I need to spend some time developing a process once the image is scanned so that I get the best quality image.

That's all for now, cheers and have a fantastic weekend!