A Very Photographic Saturday (Part 1: Scott Manor House)

It was gearing up to be a very busy Saturday for me, with two events on the books, one of them stretching long into the night. 

The Sackville Photo Club put on a display of images and a slide show at the  Scott Manor House to encourage people to come out and see what we're all about.  We would also be handy on Saturday to show people, if they were interested, how to use their cameras.  The turnout was so-so, but that allowed me some time to talk a bit with some of the guides.  Of course, I asked if I could make a portrait or two, especially with them in their 1800's garb.  

The photos were all taken in the sitting room, immediately to the right upon entering the old house.  Generally, you aren't even allowed to sit in the furniture, but we made a phone call to ask if it would be alright.  

I did my best to keep the lighting simple and clean, but the sun outside was causing some problems.  For the two shots by the window, it was a matter of waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. I contemplated putting up a softbox outside the window, but I was really hoping to get away with minimal equipment.  In the end, for both the photos above, I used a single flash, balanced to be just barely there, off camera right and gelled warm to simulate a tungsten bulb. It really doesn't matter much in the black and white version, though I wasn't 100% sure I was going to take that route in post. Better safe than sorry.

For the final shot, things got a little dicey.  I had to introduce a softbox camera right to get the lighting levels where I needed them, but the added challenge of lighting two faces in opposite directions had me doing some footwork.  In the end, I added a second flash, off camera left to help push the levels up and get some light where it needed to go.

The girls needed very little direction at all, I just told them to gossip and they were doing everything I was looking for in the shot.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which involves a creepy abandoned hotel, coastline, stars and galaxies!