A Very Photographic Saturday (Part 2: Star Trails at the Aspotogan Sea Spa)

If you travel down Highway 103 toward Yarmouth from Halifax, and you're looking for an interesting sight, take Exit 6.  Located way off the main road, on the opposite side of Saint Margaret's Bay from Peggy's cove is an abandoned spa, constructed in 1994.  My understanding is the building's developers ran out of money and abandoned the project, and nothing ever happened to it afterward.  

The thing that we like about it, however, is that it's dark.  Very dark.  Time to go shoot some star trails!

Before the moon fell off the horizon, I snaped this shot.  It's a 30 second exposure. Even though it looks like it could have been taken during the day, it was lit by moonlight.
With such a fantastic location, the Sackville Photo Club had a big turnout.  There were about 15 of us altogether, wandering around on the rocks and setting up tripods at twilight.  Flashlights were going everywhere as we prepared for the moon to set and real darkness to take over.  It was a good thing to go with a group.  I wouldn't consider this a safe location to visit alone after dark!

Once it did, we were treated to the Milky way traipsing all the way across the deep black sky, in addition to the Perseid meteor shower.  It was absolutely amazing.

The star trail shot above was created over an hour of shooting 30 second exposures, then stacking the results.  Thankfully, someone from the club had an extra shutter release cable to lend me, and I was able to simply set up the camera and let it go.  

You can see a meteor in this shot, just to the right of the nebula.  

 After everyone in our group had their trails photos, we decided to try some light painting.  The abandoned hotel made for a very interesting subject, and the stars a fantastic backdrop.

It was a pretty exceptional night for shooting, and I'm very pleased with the results.  I hope to try it again soon!