So You Think You Can Shoot: Dancing

Hey look! It's Sarah!  She was in a previous blog post, be sure to check it out!
For today's post, we're back at Rainbow Haven Beach, among other places.  Another event organized by the awesome Angie Burgess, several photographers from the Sackville Photo Club met up with a handful of dancers looking to get some new photos.  

Sarah, Chantal, Tricina and Taylor were our dancers for the day.  They went up on point, leapt, and posed for us as we spent the afternoon nailing down the right angles, finding the best light and backdrops. 

We started at the Dingle Tower, enjoying the scenes of the surrounding park, water, and inside the tower itself.   The park was very harshly lit, so creating an even exposure was more than challenging.  We eventually moved inside the tower for some dramatic and gritty looking shots.

Chantal Dube, Striking a dance pose inside the Dingle Tower.  This should be a scene for some future fashion photography work!
We had a long way to travel to get to Rainbow Haven, so in the middle of the journey, we stopped at the massive graffiti wall in Dartmouth.   I struggled to find a good backdrop here, however.  I really didn't want something that would distract heavily from the dancers.  Luckily I found a nice, clean-ish wall to work with.

We were only a short time at the graffiti wall, and soon hopped in the car and headed for the beach.  Once we'd parked, we trekked into the beach, stopping long enough to get a handful of photos inside the tunnel of trees that happens to be so nicely lit.

This is the thing that impressed me most. When we arrived at Rainbow Haven, got onto the beach and started shooting it was about 6:30pm.  The light was starting to get golden already, and I didn't have to set up anything to get striking, dramatic photos with punchy directional light.

It also meant that I could get my shutter speed up!  This shot, for instance, was done at 1/800, f/4, ISO160.  That's pretty bright light!

We were also able to use the directional quality of the light to create a nice atmosphere, that warm glowy look:

After a long day, here are the four girls, posing for a group shot.  We would have stayed longer, but we had parked inside the gates, which close at 8:00PM.

It had been my intention to shoot film at the event, but when we got to the beach, I managed to drop my Elan 7e while trying to attach a strap.  Sucky coincidence, especially since the film door popped open and ruined about 10 frames of Fuji Acros 100.  That didn't hurt as much as finding the door catch broken, a $30 part and two week turn around.  

Besides that, I had a blast at this event! Thank you Angie for putting it together, and I look forward to shooting some more dancers!