Yoga on the Beach

Sarah Lake and Kevin Dougall are both Halifax-based Yogis who are working toward becoming instructors. The way they are able to twist, turn and "pretzel" themselves is unbelievable.  If I wound up in any of the poses they can manage, it would probably require the help of six men and the jaws of life to free me.  

Since, however, my only task was to take their picture, I was quite relieved.  

This whole event was put together by one of the Sackville Photography Club members, Angela Burgess, the same amazing person who organized the "So you think you can Shoot" Dancers on the beach photo shoot (which I've yet to blog about, come to think of it).

Whatever Angela ordered for weather, I was very pleased with it.  While we were supposed to have a clear day, a large cloud bank wound up blocking out the sun, but it wasn't flat lighting.  The sun retained some punch, but the entire sky wound up being a massive softbox which allowed us to shoot either into or away from the sun to get some exceptional results.

I really like the geometric quality that some of the poses have.  That's probably the most boring thing you can say about yoga, but from a photographic perspective, framing up these poses to look artful doesn't take much.

Of course, we had expected a null kind of sunset.  What we got instead was probably one of the most dramatic sunsets we have seen all summer.  The sky looked like it was literally on fire.  The beach itself seemed to change colour.  And even though we were on our way off the beach, we stopped and had another quick photo session because you don't get these sunsets all the time.  

Thank you Kevin and Sarah for taking the time to pose, twist and turn for us SPC photographers.  Good luck to you both in getting your teaching certifications!

And thank you Angie for putting together this awesome photo shoot!