I published my own Book! [Portfolio]

Thanks to a handful of discounts I was able to order myself a portfolio book to take with me on photo shoots and to events.  I used Blurb to do my printing, and their software Book Smart to actually build it.  I'm very pleased with the results, and I'll be very happy to show this work to potential clients.

I ordered the Large Landscape, 13x11" hardcover with a dust jacket.  I used the Proline Pearl Photo Paper on the inside to maximize the viewing quality of the photos.  My goal was to make the images nice and big so that they created maximum impact.  

I really liked some of the features in the software, as well as the page layouts.  This is the opening page, acknowledgements and introduction.

I divided the book into two sections: Portraits and Fashion and Beauty.  I had to create my own vertical spread arrangements so that they would look balanced.  There is room in most of the layouts for captions if you want that sort of thing, but I felt it was unnecessary for my purposes.

Another part of the Portraits section.

This is the title page of the Fashion and Beauty section.  I really like the impact that this spread creates!

Some of my images from Janelle Brown's fashion line:

Here's a close up shot of the binding.  Everything is high quality, and looks exceptional.

Finally, a view of the spine:

The total came in under $100 to order including taxes and shipping.  I think it's a very worthwhile investment and I'm really impressed by the quality of the product.

If you're thinking about making up a book, do it.  When you see your photos in print, in a book it's really special.  It isn't cheap, but it is incredibly worthwhile!