Scott and Megan: Engaged August 30, 2013 [Couples]

We went out to Rainbow Haven beach for some couples photos, that's all.  I told Megan and Scott both that I was only doing some couples shots to practice for an upcoming engagement shoot that I had booked.  I did need to practice my lighting, posing and composition with two people, but we had an ulterior motive...

We had some fun trying out different locations around the beach, and I struggled through arranging their poses so that I could downplay the height difference between them. I wanted it to be subtle, not an obvious or cheesey kind of posing.

We were up at 6:30 to get to the beach, so there was no one else there.  The light started out fantastic, and got a lot more even when the cloud bank drifted in.

I told Megan that I really wanted to practice the classic "Will you Marry Me" pose.  They happily obliged, but when Meg asked me if she should try to look surprised, I just laughed and said "You can if you want to!"  She turned back around to Scott and there it was, the ring she didn't expect.  Surprise!

It was totally worth getting up early.  The light was right, and the moment was perfect.  Congratulations guys!