Fall Photoshoot with Amanda Marie Hobbs [Fashion]

We've had an absolutely beautiful fall this year.  The colours have been vibrant and the leaves have been sticking to the trees longer than usual.  I think this may have something to do with the warm, sunny days we've had with very little wind and rain to knock the leaves about.  

This made for a great backdrop for my shoot with Amanda Hobbs with her so-red-it's-nearly-pink hair colour and beautiful blue eyes.  

We decided to try Laurie Park for our location on a beautiful crisp Sunday morning.  There are a few features there which caught my eye immediately, including the wonderful exposed-steel bridge in the shot above.  We didn't really have very long for our shoot, so we decided to press on after a few photos on the bridge and worked our way into the park.

A nice amount of foliage was already on the ground, sprinkling the walking path. while Amanda and I worked, we discussed some different ideas to try and came up with a levitation shot.  After a few attempts, it was obvious that jumping up wasn't quite cutting it.  We needed another element to push the shot further.

Amanda scooped up a pile of leaves into her arms and tossed them up into the air.  The effect was immediate: we had an element that fit the scene, added to the photo and pushed it a little bit further.

For the final shot of the day, we gathered up as many leaves as we could and made a small bed for Amanda to lie down in.  The best part for me was not having to light the scene.  It was already lit perfectly for me! Amanda's eyes would occassionally water from the brightness in the sky, so we wrapped up the shot quickly after snapping a few frames with the film camera.

Amanda was a blast to work with, very down to earth and exceptionally talented and patient.  I hope we get a chance to work together in the near future, as I have another idea that would be a wonderful fit for her look.  

Fuji Acros 100 Pushed to ISO400.  Beautiful results on a cloudy day.

Cheers! Thanks for reading!