Industrial Fashion Shoot with Athenaïs Testi [Fashion]

Late in the summer I had a chance to work with Athenaïs Testi as a lighting assistant for Jenn Gregory.  She was modelling some pieces by Posh City Jewelry, and I was able to work on a bit of an idea I borrowed from an ad in Vogue.  

Fast forward to a few months later and Athenaïs tells me she's coming to Halifax for a fashion show audition (which she did quite well in, as she was walking for FOUR designers in the Atlantic Fashion Week Showcase!) and wanted to try to get a shoot in with me.

We tossed some ideas around and came up with an industrial theme with a couple outfits in mind. I did my best to sort out a handful of locations, and made use of the area near the Cunard Centre for part of the shoot, then a fire escape stairwell, and finally winding up at the NS Government House on Barrington. 

I was absolutely floored when I got home and started going through the images.  Athenaïs absolutley ROCKED this shoot, and I couldn't be happier.  It was one of those times where everything comes together.  I really feel like I broke new ground with these images, and I hope that I can keep moving in this direction for future shoots.  I even submitted these photos to Vogue, which, sadly they didn't take.  That's not going to stop me from shooting more stuff like this though!

We used the stairwell a couple different ways too.  The first thing I tried was a nice soft modifier to create a balanced, even light on Athenaïs with just a bit of punch to her face.  It took some time to get the feathering just right (just ask Chris, my assistant) but it was worth the fiddling.  

Once I had the shot above, I knew I wanted to try something a bit punchier, with more dynamic to it.  We simply used a bare strobe to really kick the light up a notch and got some really cool shadows.

I used a beauty dish on these last few images, and used the light overcast as a fill.  There are some days when the light is just perfect, but other times you just have to help it along a bit.  The three different looks were all put together by Athenaïs and her mother, Nathalie.  They make a great fashion team! 

How do you think the shoot turned out? Leave a comment and let me know!