Rosy [Portrait]

I nearly ran out of time to get this shot.  Standing in front of about 80 Sackville Photo Club members, camera in hand, and doing my best to make an image was difficult, but very fun.

The setup is pretty simple: Softbox camera left and in front of Allie, feathered out to provide some nice, soft lighting, while the rear light is a bare flash camera right.  The simple setup is only half the story, because getting there was not without incident. 

I had 30 minutes to get this shot, and explain myself while I got there. While I shot, I had the photos coming up on the large projector behind me so that the  club could observe the changes in my setup as I went along. We explored an ambient solution (which was quickly ruled out), an on camera flash solution (the best option was bouncing the light off of a reflector above the camera, in my opinion), and finally an off-camera flash solution.

I deliberately made some mistakes along the way to help show the club what goes into the process of making one of these projects come together.  Allie was a superstar, she barely batted an eye when she saw how many people there were and performed expertly.  

I was using two flashes, and the softbox mounted flash was working great the entire time. No issues.  The rear light was intended to be a beauty dish for that nice wrapping quality of light, but the dish seemed to be blocking the light from ever reaching the sensor on the flash.  My radio trigger seemed to give up halfway through so I swapped it out.  Eventually, I just took the dish off, lowered the flash power and carried on.  

Given a little more time, we could probably have pushed the image further, with more rose petals, more roses or a different and more dynamic pose.  I also could have fine tuned the light a bit more, but for now I am pretty pleased with what we got under these conditions.  

Edit: Thank you Angie Burgess for sending along some action photos! I'm not sure how you timed it so that the light was going off, but well done!