Jobless Project - Julie Fredericks [Halifax Portrait Photographer]

When I arrived for the portrait session, Julie welcomed me into her home and offered me a cup of tea. The environment was warm and welcome, with a lot of wonderful conversation.  The weather outside was what you might consider typical in Halifax, foggy, misty and drizzly, but the tea warmed me up and we got to talking about the "Jobless" project.   

Julie studied Medical Office Administration through a correspondence program at the Centre for Distance Education in Sydney, and graduated with honours.  She's been looking for work in and around Halifax for the last five months. I asked her if she'd probed around within her circle of friends, or in her church group for a lead on employment, but sadly the opportunities just aren't there. 

When she does see a chance, the job application process is tiresome, leaving Julie frustrated, depressed and feeling aimless.  The stress takes its toll; the last time she looked for a job it took almost a year and over a hundred resumes to get anywhere.  

She's not giving up though, she happens to be lucky enough to live at home with her parents and her dog Brutis while she continues to look for a job that makes use of her skills. In the meantime, she still has student loans to think about.  

If you or anyone you know would be a good candidate for this project, please contact me.  I'm currently seeking any and all people who are willing to share their story, a cup of tea and a portrait session.