Jobless - My New Portrait Project

First off, don't panic.  I still have my job.  

Actually, this post is about something that's quite important to me, Youth unemployment in Atlantic Canada.  For 27 years I've lived in the Atlantic Provinces, and since I was old enough to start hearing stories, I heard about "Brain Drain" and a mass exodus of talented young professionals leaving the Maritimes for greener pastures in the west. 

When I got fed up with my job prospects in Halifax, I almost followed them.  

I instead decided to stay, and I did eventually find work.  I know that there are bigger salaries, and bigger opportunities out west, but I'm going to stay and try to make the best of it.  I don't expect anyone to follow my lead, but I do have high hopes that I can help make a difference here.  

This is why I'm starting my new project.  I'm seeking young people, 15-25 who are trained, experienced, live in the Maritimes and who are struggling to find work or make ends meet.  

The first phase of the project will examine the difficulties of finding work.  Many people have great training, but few employers seem to be taking risks on young people in the Maritimes.  

The second phase will focus on those who haven't been able to line up their training with their employment, people who have wound up working several jobs that have no relevancy to their training, just to put food on the table.  

The third phase will focus on those who have resorted to self-employment, people who have their skills, training and experience and who, frustrated with their job prospects have struck out on their own.  I want to highlight their struggles with government regulation and their choice to make it work.  These upstart businesses have 

These people are the future of the Atlantic Provinces.  I want to show them to you.

If you or someone you know happens to fit the bill, in either of the phases of my project, please get in touch with me.  I would love to hear your story and get a glimpse of what you're doing to make the best of your province.  Lets join up together and show everyone that we will not take this job climate sitting down, and that we can come together and stand on our own two feet.