DEDPXL Assignment 1 - Lines

Do you know what DEDPXL is?  No? It's okay, I didn't until about a week ago, and found it through a friend on facebook.  Basically, kickass one-light photographer Zack Arias decided to set up a website to help photographers get out there and start taking photos under the mantra "More Signal. Less Noise".  It's brand spanking new, and it has a lot of awesome content. 

The series of photo assignments have a catch: you have to actually get out of your archives and get out there and take photos.  Seems kind of obvious, but it's too common for photographers to say "I have something that fits that category, I'll just post that".  The series will focus on getting you out and learning how to see, and the first category is "Lines".

Hair Salon Display Window - Edited with VSCO Cam.

It's not important what camera or lens you use for these assignments.  The goal is to look for compositional elements to help your photos have interesting content.  Personally, I went out with my iPhone over a lunch break and got some images I'm happy with.  The first couple I took were crap, they were boring and they were cliche.  

I noticed one thing while I was walking around: Lines. Are. Everywhere.

Layers - Any further left and there would be a tree in the shot. Any further right and that damn roof would change shape on me.  This is a limitation of a prime focal length, on the iPhone I believe it's a 35mm equivalent on a full frame.

I really like the fact that the assignment is forcing me to focus on one element, and pushing me to isolate that element so that it stands out.  It's one compositional puzzle piece but by focusing on it for a while, it's possible to really find clever ways of using it in the future.

Bricked - A very old staircase on Brunswick St. In Halifax.

I also found myself shooting more in Black and White to really push the lines to the forefront.  I didn't want the viewer focusing on the colours, as in a lot of cases they were a bit distracting.  

All of the photos above were taken on one stroll through downtown Halifax.  I plan to get out again a couple more times before the month is out.  If you're a photographer and you want to get some more practice on composition, give this assignment a try. Take one camera, one lens and get out to take some photos!  Click the link and watch Zack's video that talks about the goals and some ideas to start off with.  For now, I'm out!