Amanda Hobbs - Snowing in my Studio!

I guess you might consider some of my latest fashion photos "Action Portraiture" (Exhibit A).  Images where the model has been styled to look a certain way, and we find complementing elements to either toss into the scene or work in. In the case of my latest shoot, we used snow. 

The make up idea came from an inspiration image that Amanda had sent me, an image by Lado Alexi for Hype Magazine ( #4 Fall, 2011)  as a basis for the shoot.  We weren't sure if we would be copying it directly, but the make up artist Hanna Matheson put her own spin on it to bring some amazing colour contrast to the photos.  

I have had shoots where the colour is a secondary element; it's there, it complements but it isn't necessary and the images sometimes look even better in black and white.  There was no question in my mind, these images would be in colour. 

I worked backwards in the edit from a slide film preset in Color Efex.  Instead of applying the effect then tweaking it, I worked with curves until I got close to the way the whites punched out and the darks had a bluish cast to them.  I wanted these images to look cold, because once we had a couple of really awesome portraits of the make up, we made it snow.

I ran half a bar of soap through a grater.  It worked much better than I could have asked for, though it's been suggested to me to try using instant mashed potatoes. I will definitely try it next time, I'm sure they don't have the perfume that the bar of Dove soap did (though that's on me, next time I get ivory soap instead).

Overall I'm very pleased with these results.  I'm getting more and more comfortable using photoshop and lightroom since buying into their creative cloud deal back in December.  They are incredibly powerful tools and the more I learn the more I want to shoot.  

That's all for now, Cheers!