Dude, You have a Kick Ass Helmet.

I do my best to get along with pretty much everyone I meet.  I'm also fairly introverted, and I certainly don't like inconveniencing people.  That's why I took on a project to get photos of strangers on the street.  

While out doing a photo walk with a friend of mine, Paul Vienneau, I spotted this man preparing to hop on his bike.  I had to get a photo, he was just too cool to not talk to.

I didn't really have much more than a few minutes with this fine gentleman, and I feel awful to admit this but I didn't jot down his name.  All I know about him is that he was willing to stop for a minute and let me take his photo, posing with his awesome bike and Kick Ass Helmet.  

Gear wise, I used film for this shot, as I had planned for most of my Stranger Portraits.  I will admit I got a bit lazy with the shot and didn't remove all the dust/hairs/scratches.  The film is Kodak Tri-X, exposed for ISO 800 to boost the contrast.  The camera was a Fuji GW690II medium format rangefinder, a beast of an image-taker.  

I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that I can get out and do some more work like this.  Interacting with strangers provides a variety of results, but for the most part people are very happy to have their picture taken.