Momentum: DalDance

What a blast it was to shoot Dalhousie University's Dancers.  The DalDance group put together Momentum, a fantastic spectacle of routines, and I was invited to come and take photos.  Cool.  I attended the rehearsal as well, which allowed me to get some different angles that would normally be intrusive to the audience.  Also cool.

These are my favourite 10 images from the day, which was a tough call, considering I took 3,000 photos.  For the record, that's about 1,500 too many, but I at least got my keepers.  

I had a fellow photographer shooting with me, Glenn Euloth.  From what I saw he was getting some pretty awesome shots as well, so I'll be looking forward to what he shows in his gallery.  

I'm doing my best to overcome the winter blues but it has been very difficult these past few weeks to get out and shoot.  It is challenging with the weather and of course with cancellations.  Stay tuned, more stuff is coming!