Mod Squad

I hummed and hawed over the decision to go.  I now realize that was ridiculous, because Mod Squad was phenomenal.   Not only did I get to create some cool images, but I got to meet and talk with some of the best creative photographers in the city.  

Mod Squad is a local two-day workshop that focuses on building your photography up, filling in blanks and giving you some new skills to work with.  My personal favourite seminars were "Line in Composition" and "The Development of an idea" with Steve Richard, Liam Hennessey's "Business of Photography" and "Fashion and Fantasy Photography" with Brent McCoombs.  

The fun didn't stop there; at the end of the first day, we were treated to an aerial performance from Kristin Dahl (pictured above) and Cait Anthony, lit by Steve Richard and Brent McCoombs.  Shoot as much as you like, and enjoy the show.  

As a special treat, I took a CF card and popped it into one of these cameras that the PhaseOne guys had provided for us to demo.  That's a 60 megapixel monster medium format camera.  I used it for about 30 shots, enough to get a feel for what the camera could do. This is what I used to snap the shot at the top of the post.  

I got to shoot a bit more at Brent McCoomb's fashion and fantasy photography seminar.  Amanda Hobbs was a killer model for us, despite the challenge of having 20 or so photographers all shooting at once.  Bailey Elliott's makeup was spectacular as well.  

The cool shadows are a key point for this demonstration.  By putting stuff in front of the light, Brent created an interesting pattern that provided interest and some features on the wall, while at the same time providing a dramatic hard light for Amanda.  

I think the biggest payoff for me was the portfolio review.  I took about 30 of my strongest images in and got some seriously good critique.  It's given me encouragement on where to keep pushing forward and where I need some work.  


So, after two full days of photography workshops, now what? I will be spending some more time developing ideas, shooting with new people and expanding my horizons.  I've launched a new, simple portrait package for people looking for grad portraits, either indoors or in the studio.  I've also been working on a new, more exciting portrait package that will blow your mind.