Rockabilly Riot, May 9 2014

Rockabilly Riot rocked.  Nothing beats some live music and sultry burlesque.  Oh yeah, and a limbo competition.  That's right, a limbo competition.  

My assistant Jacqueline and I hit the seahorse a bit early to get our bearings and figure out camera settings. We were treated to backstage introductions to the band members and dancers, all absolutely wonderful people.

I think the portrait above is my favourite image from the set.  Mike Nahirnak is a guitar player for Chris Martin and the Trouble Shooters.  I caught him backstage in the band's chill-out room killing some time before going on.  

Should you go to Rockabilly Riot?  Well, that depends.  If you are into an old fashioned good time with kick ass music and a great show, as well as a freaking limbo contest, then this might be the place for you.  Keep an eye out for the next event.  It will be worth it!