Dramatic Headshot Session - Dustin McCormack

Dustin gave me a bit of an odd request: a dramatically lit portrait, hard light, in black and white with high contrast.   Dustin's work was featured in a fashion show, [PHASE], at Halifax's World Trade and Convention Centre on September 27th.  I got there and nabbed some images and it was an awesome show.  

This portrait though, is a bit...different.  It's shot on my Hasselblad on TMax 100 Film.  I am very pleased with the overall result, but I often think that what people want is the "safe shot".  It wasn't the case for this session.

This got me thinking about something; what if I do the "safe shot" for my clients when they aren't sure what they want, but then also set up to do something creative.  My bet is that the creative portraits will start to win out against the "traditional" ones.  

Dustin McCormack - Makeup by Raven Haze, hair by Cassandra Prince of Life Salon Spa

I'm really happy with how this came out.  Dustin was happy too, which is the best part.   There are some technical flaws in it, but the end result is very pleasing overall.  

The thing is that I know what I want to shoot.  I like drama, I like big, different ideas.  Outside the box, swimming upstream et al.  

I will be doing a blog post very soon featuring the images from the fashion show with Dustin's line Clever and Clueless at the World Trade and Convention Center.  It was amazing, Congratulations Dustin on putting it together and creating a wonderful event!