Jamie Smith - Fall Fashion by Long Lake

After Jamie and I met at a Scout Development Agency workshop back in August, I knew I wanted to work with her again.  So full of life and energetic, Jamie works hard at being a model and it shows.   When we talked about our idea for this set she went out and picked up a bunch of great items from Ardene, and a couple accessories at Boathouse to complete the looks.  

One of the problems with outdoor shoots in the fall and winter is the simple unpredictability of the weather and light.  Within short notice your entire atmosphere of the shoot can change.  In this case, it was less a problem and more of a wonderful accident when the sun went down and we decided to keep shooting.  I was pushing the camera but the glow from the sky created deep contrasts and saturated colours.  It was a big wake up call for me and I expect to use the "blue hour" from time to time providing the look is right. 

Alright, enough banter.  Here's the set:


Photographer - Tim Lingley

Model - Jamie Smith  (Scout Development Agency)

Hair/MU - Model's Own

Styling - Model's Own (Garments from Ardene and Boathouse)

Photo Assistant - Connor Maccoul