A Double-Experiment: Theme and Technique [Halifax Portrait Photographer]

I had the opportunity to shoot with model Ruck Plehn recently, and it was a blast.  I'll be posting more of the images from this shoot (which is actually one of the first times I've had a male model in studio) but for now, here's an image that came out of the set.  Well, technically something like 15 images, all composited into one big panoramic image.   

Model: Ruck Plehn, Assistant: Sean Snow

This technique, known as the Brenizer Method, allows for an image that's similar to the old view cameras.  The shallow depth of field provides a look that's difficult to achieve with a single 35mm x 24mm sensor-sized photo.  This is actually my first "successful" attempt at this in studio and I like it a lot.  

For the techhies - I used an 85mm lens at f/2.8.  The first frame I took would be a decent portrait, from the top of Ruck's head to his navel.  The rest of the photos around him were taken from the same distance and aperture.  I used Photoshop to combine them using the Automate - Photomerge process.  Oh, and I used JPGs to put this together.  No way was I going to have my laptop crunching fifteen 36 megapixel files from my D800; It would still be working on it!