Rockabilly Riot - "Western Saloon" Event Portraits at the Marquee, Halifax NS

Saturday evening was full of great music, great drinks and great people.  I was invited to the East Coast Rockabilly Riot Wester Saloon Event at the Seahorse Tavern; but I was on a mission.  Last time I did lots of event photos, got some performance shots and mostly played the "fly on the wall".  This time I wanted to gather the performers and musicians and get some individual and group portraits that helped showcase the incredible talent at these shows.  

Sean (my assistant) and I wrangled as many of the performers, vendors, and interested parties as we could to the unoccupied Marquee Ballroom on the main floor(the Seahorse Tavern is in the basement).  Away from the commotion, we could have someone sit, relax and have a portrait made without distractions.  It helped that the Marquee is a very picturesque place with lots of unique features to add to the images. 

The lighting was extraordinarily simple.  A single Alien Bee strobe powered by a  Vagabond Battery pack, and fired into a $25 Softlighter Amazon Knockoff.  I used a 35mm lens for the portraits to help bring in more of the environment without distorting the subject's features too badly.

In all this was an awesome experience to meet some awesome new people and photograph them in a different way than the typical event coverage.   I got to exercise my social muscles a bit and propose some different ideas that might not have worked for some people, like asking Brittany, the burlesque dancer to jump up and lie down on the table.