Layered - Shannon Isaacs in Summer Fashion styles from Free People, Seychelles and Cecico [Halifax Fashion Photographer]

Lately I've been connecting with models from the Moncton based Scout Development Agency to work together on projects.  This shoot brought together Shannon Isaacs, fantastic makeup artist Kristen Scott and some amazing summer layers from the Biscuit General Store, styled by Jacob Connell.   

Fit and Flare Top - Free People | Layering Handkerchief Slip - Free People | Riding Boots - Seychelles

Romper - DEX (Cdn designer!) | Boyfriend Plaid Shirt - Gentle Fawn  (Cdn) | "Lucky Penny" Boot - Seychelles

Melange Sweater with Lace - Free People | Ditsy Slip - Free People | Chunky Lace up shoes - Free People

I loved the Free People layering handkerchief slip so much I had to do a few extra photos with it, including this really soft look portrait:

Layering Handkerchief Slip - Free People

I've been dying to work with some items from Biscuit for some time now, and I'm hoping that they'll be willing to lend me some more!  


Model: Shannon Marie Isaacs, Scout Development Agency (

Photographer: Tim Lingley (

Photo Assistant: Sean Snow (

Styling: Jacob Connell (

Makeup: Kristen Scott (

Posing assistance by Kelly Lynn Martell (

Clothing provided by Biscuit General Store, Halifax, NS (



Here are a few (some hilarious) behind the scenes photos, straight out of the Fuji X100T.  I love this little camera for BTS stuff because it's so quiet and inconspicuous.  

Stylist Jacob Connell showing off some of the Free People garments while Shannon gets makeup done.  

Those boots are a bit tricky to lace up.   Good thing Jacob was on hand to help!  

Kelly doing up a fishtail braid for Shannon's long-sweater look.  

Mirror Selfie with my kickass new round "sun" glasses, courtesy of Jacob.  These are now my Shooting Glasses.  When they're on, shit's getting serious.

Kelly rocking my Shoot Glasses!  Lighting setup in the background: Beauty dish Key light with a huge softbox for fill.