Adventure in Moncton - Shoot 2/5: Sarah Ann

Shoot #2 of my Scout Development Agency weekend in Moncton was with Sarah.  With this being our first shoot, we kept things simple by sticking to two looks, but then complicated life a little by changing sets.  We started outside, in the beautiful light of a clear dusk sky.  

The light was incredible.  Special.  Brilliant.  Sarah was even more incredible.  Point and click.  I felt like I was swinging way above my weight class.

The space we found to shoot was a parking garage, which lent itself to some grungy textures, while being relatively private and open to the gorgeous spring sky.  Given that this was the first really nice weekend we had all spring, I was pretty okay with spending some time outside.  

The sun soon went down and we lost our light.  The shoot wasn't finished!  We moved inside the studio, where we had devised a two-light setup with gels on both strobes to create an other-worldly look;  hard red and hard blue.  The stark contrast suited Sarah's look really well.  


Photographer - Tim Lingley

Model - Sarah  (Scout Development Agency)

Hair/MU - Amy Barter

Styling - Boho and Braids (

Photo Assistant - Devon Rogers (