Tina and Albert - Halifax Wedding Photographer

Tina and Albert's Story (from Tina):

We met at McDonald's in 1989 when it was on Wyse Rd. I was just 16 and told him I was 18 - he was 24 and told me he was 22. We were not together long. I did however become pregnant with our daughter Nicole who is now 25. 
Over the years and in between relationships we would gravitate back together for short periods of time.

There was always... something there... we seemed to end up together at various times. 

The formal proposal was actually on my birthday which is the same day we picked up the ring. We both knew we were getting married before my birthday and even started making plans. We both wanted the ring to go with the question. Of course I said yes, we are soulmates. I don't just "Want" to be with this man forever - I "Need" to be. We were made for each other and we both believe that to be true. This man completely changed his life around to be with me and believe me - it was a hard road for him but he did it.

Im most excited for the exchanging of the Vows. Before God and our family and friends expressing our love and our promises to be true forever. 

The venue is special because Albert and Our Daughter were both Baptised there in April. That beautiful church and The Pastor mean the world to us. 


Tina and Albert were some of the first people to reach out to us to book their wedding day.  From prep to party, the day went fantastic, with a gorgeous church ceremony at the St. Thomas Baptist in North Preston and a great meal and dancing at the Community Center across the road. Without further ado, here are the images from the day!