Kelly and Ryan - Quick outdoor couple's shoot

Kelly and Ryan needed some portraits to do up as Christmas gifts, and since the weather was cooperative we headed out in search of some snowy winter wonderland areas.  Thankfully, the previous night's flurries had left a light dusting on the ground: just enough to create that nice winter touch.  

It helps that both of them have had a lot of time in front of the camera before, are a little goofy and that they were adorable as hell.  It also helps that they snickered at my poor humour, which usually consists of TV show references and the odd misplaced comment.  Whoops, did I say that out loud? Sorry! (all positive comments, don't worry!)

We shot for about 45 minutes, which was all we could stand.  Despite the appearance of the sunlight, it was pretty cold out and my fingers were starting to miss the buttons and dials on the camera.   Worth it.