East Coast Rockabilly Riot - Backstage portraits

Every once in a while I have this compulsive urge to make portraits.  I need to get in the same room as some really cool people and make some really cool images.  That's why I jumped at the chance to work with the organizers of the East Coast Rockabilly Riot again to get some backstage portraits.  This year's performers included Bonita Chinchilla, Miss Magenta, Stoo Metz (MC and all around character) Mojo Martin, and The Screamin' Rebel Angels.   

In addition to the portraits I managed to snag a few shots of The Screamin' Rebel Angels on stage performing and man, what a show.  They've got some serious moves and know how to rock the house, despite the fact that they drove a full 12 hours straight to get to Halifax for the show!  Now that's dedication!   

12 hours on the road and a full set later, most mere mortals would be ready to pack it in.  The Screamin Rebel Angels kept on partying after this shoot!