Kelly and Ryan - Wedding Portraits

Kelly asked me to do this shoot with her months ago.  At the time we decided on themes, location, garments, the whole nine yards.  Then we waited until our schedules lined up.  And waited.  And waited some more.

I'm glad we waited.

See, as the time passed we got deeper and deeper into the autumn until the entire landscape near Peggy's Cove looked like it was on fire.  We grabbed our gear, got Kelly and Ryan all dressed up and hit the road.  Thankfully my wife Jess braved the cold, and held up the light stand while we got the photos.  I can't wait to find the right couple to do this with at their wedding.

I've already shared most of these images on instagram but here they are in a nice clean collection for all to view, share and enjoy!  Please feel free to leave a comment!