Matt and Alexis - Engagement at Duncan's Cove

Matt and Alexis are quite the adventurous couple, willing to get up at crazy-o-clock to go check out the sunrise at Duncan's Cove with Blake, their adorable Boston Terrier. This morning had it all, gorgeous clouds, a handful of cruise ships coming into the Halifax port and of course, the glowing light kissing the beautiful landscape.  Can't wait for their wedding next August!

Lauren and Alex Engagement in Lunenburg

Holy wow Lunenburg is pretty in the summertime, and what a perfect setting for an evening engagement shoot with these two amazing humans. We spent a good couple hours exploring the waterfront, downtown area and its amazingly colourful nooks and crannies.  It wasn't long before we found ourselves at the Ironworks Distillery, a sensory overload with its visually rustic charm, intoxicating woodsmoke-and-rum aromas and the incredible people who were kind enough to let us take a few photos inside and out.  The Dockside Restaurant and Inn deserves special mention as well, allowing us to take a few photos on their patio overlooking the Lunenburg harbour and Bluenose Avenue.  

Lauren and Alex are so in love and were an absolute joy to shoot.  Their adoration for each other showed through every time they looked at each other, and I can't wait to be a part of their wedding day.  

Alex and Kate - Engagement Session [Halifax Wedding Photographer]

Fun, energetic, loving, goofy and adorable - all appropriate adjectives to describe how Alex and Kate make such a great couple. In the short time we spent together hiking around I got to see how much these two really care for each other.  Alex and Kate get married next year at Liscombe Lodge and I can't wait to be part of the adventure.  

Engagement Shoot - Scott and Itty [Halifax Wedding Photographer]

I'm actually in the midst of preparing for Scott and Itty's wedding - It's happening next weekend and I'm so excited to hit the ground running on their big day!  I will say that their engagement shoot presented me with a few challenges - number one being the Glow-In-The-Dark Mini golf where my camera ran into focusing issues and of course, required some extra light from my flash, and number two being little Reno (their adorable little Terrier) who stole the show a bit later on that evening.  Scott and Itty were amazing, and we had a blast roaming through the mini-golf course and then finding our way through the Dartmouth Commons.

Here are some of the highlights from the Engagement session.  If you're looking to get in front of the camera or want to book with us be sure to get in touch soon if you're thinking of doing an autumn engagement shoot!

Kelly and Ryan - Quick outdoor couple's shoot

Kelly and Ryan needed some portraits to do up as Christmas gifts, and since the weather was cooperative we headed out in search of some snowy winter wonderland areas.  Thankfully, the previous night's flurries had left a light dusting on the ground: just enough to create that nice winter touch.  

It helps that both of them have had a lot of time in front of the camera before, are a little goofy and that they were adorable as hell.  It also helps that they snickered at my poor humour, which usually consists of TV show references and the odd misplaced comment.  Whoops, did I say that out loud? Sorry! (all positive comments, don't worry!)

We shot for about 45 minutes, which was all we could stand.  Despite the appearance of the sunlight, it was pretty cold out and my fingers were starting to miss the buttons and dials on the camera.   Worth it.