It really is a small world... - Halifax Portrait Photographer

Throwback Thursday right?  I met an absolutely awesome person last night, Lyndsay Anderson.  I was helping my friend Paul Vienneau make a very cool portrait of her for his upcoming gallery showing, Death is No Parenthesis at Viewpoint Gallery.   She had some exceptional makeup on, and while I won't reveal the photo idea he had (until he reveals it first), the session went amazing.

So amazing that Paul let me step in and snap a few photos myself.  I had my Fuji GW690II with me and got this out of it:

The light... that light is freaking amazing.  Fourth and final exposure with the Fuji GW690II rangefinder loaded with Ilford FP4+, Ilfotec DD-X Developer.

Here is the cool part.  If you rewind the clock almost exactly one year ago, I took this photo at the Halifax Pride Parade:

That's her, showing off her roller derby skills on Barrington St.  I mean, I took pictures of a LOT of people during pride last year, but to have the main subject of one of my favourite images from the set (found here) meet me almost one year later, that's pretty cool in my book. 


Quick Edit: 

This is Paul, the photographer who made meeting Lyndsay possible for me.  Same film as above, same camera.  The bottom shot is a bit wider, to show what went on in Aperture.