Snowbound - A Flurry of New Edits [Halifax Portrait Photographer]

Last week was definitely interesting.  I wound up spending two full days home from work because of a massive snowstorm that dumped 45cm of snow on Halifax. The result is that I got a lot of backlogged editing finished. 

Up first is a shoot I did with Charlotte Thompson.  I had a few more images from this set that I wanted to share.   Charlotte did her own hair and makeup for this one, since it was so impromptu.  The snow provided some exceptional reflections and beautiful even lighting.  Since I was wearing dark clothes, I wound up being a black reflection in Charlotte's well-lit eyes.  The net result - They look like a cat's eyes.

The next shoot I spent some extra time on was one with Kelly Lynn Martell.  We had played with gels and variations on the background to create an interesting look, one which borrows from Kelly's personal photographic style (in case you didn't know, Kelly is a gorgeous model AND a kickass photographer).

This shoot was set up to showcase a lot of Kelly's tattoos, 

I also went back through my archives and found a couple photos from shoots late last year with Sara Bryan and Mandy Brown.  These were previously unpublished because 1. I'm lazy and 2. I got busy doing a lot of other holiday things....

I'm honestly looking forward to easter weekend because I'll be able to spend some more time refining my retouching, planning new work and getting ready for the two upcoming seminars I'll be attending in April.  I can't WAIT to get to those.    

Stay tuned, more photos are coming your way!