Exploring Nova Scotia - Cape Split

The trail into Cape Split is well maintained, groomed and subjected to heavy traffic all summer long.  It's also challenging, largely uphill (heading in) and about 6km one way which makes it a great challenge while toting a camera bag full of gear.  The big question: is it worth it? 

In a word: Yes.

The views at the end are other-worldly, a phrase I've been using more and more often to describe Nova Scotia's incredible scenery.  Situated on the Bay of Fundy, Cape Split is subjected to tides that rise and fall as much as 10m every 6 hours.  Combined with the landscape, this has led to erosion and striking rocky formations that beg to be photographed.  My weapons of choice for this trip were all film - a Nikon 35TI loaded with some Fuji 400H and the Hasselblad (Which I saved for the end) loaded with Tri-X. 

It's worth mentioning that our excursion started just in time for us to catch the sunset at the end of the trail, so our walk back to the car was even trickier as we picked our way along the trail in near-complete darkness (with the help of a few flashlights).  I do not recommend this but unfortunately as photographers we often find ourselves in challenging situations in the pursuit of great lighting.....

Photos below, thanks to Scott Blackburn (@Scottophoto) and Jerry Lynds (@realtygeek)

Dark and Handsome Featuring Jesse and Brittany [Halifax Fashion Photographer]

From time to time I feel the need to get a bit racy with my images, and lately that's been a common thread.  There's something exciting about images that have a bit of sensuality, mischievousness and darker themes.  When Brittany and Jesse reached out to work with me on an idea around the popular "My Calvins" campaign from Calvin Klein I saw a great opportunity to push my own limits and create some steamy, sexy images.   

Have a look below to see how I made out.  I have to say that both models have a certain presence on camera which was very easy to capture. 

Engagement at the Beach - Sarah and Josh

Wonderful things happen at the beach.  The constant ebb and flow of the tide, rock formations that last until eroded by the sea and of course, the happy memories of people who take part in making their own little piece of history.  Sarah and Josh wanted a special place to get their engagement photos done, so we hit Crystal Crescent with its white sands, big rocks and long, winding pathways through the tall grass.