Dark and Handsome Featuring Jesse and Brittany [Halifax Fashion Photographer]

From time to time I feel the need to get a bit racy with my images, and lately that's been a common thread.  There's something exciting about images that have a bit of sensuality, mischievousness and darker themes.  When Brittany and Jesse reached out to work with me on an idea around the popular "My Calvins" campaign from Calvin Klein I saw a great opportunity to push my own limits and create some steamy, sexy images.   

Have a look below to see how I made out.  I have to say that both models have a certain presence on camera which was very easy to capture. 

Adventure in Moncton - Shoot 5/5 - Sam Kaminsky


Sam's shoot was my last in Moncton with the Scout models.  Our concept was an outdoor sunset shoot: fun, happy and great boho styling.  

However it quickly began raining when we got outside, and despite our best efforts, the light showers began to change to much harder rain.  By the time we made it back inside, it was already raining hard, and didn't look like it was letting up. 

Of course, we kept shooting.  Sam's mood changed, however, with the hopes of frolicking in the evening sun quashed by the heavy downpour.  

Photographer - Tim Lingley

Model - Sam Kaminsky  (Scout Development Agency)

Makeup - Amy Barter

Hair - Monica St-Onge

Styling - Boho and Braids 

Photo Assistant - Devon Rogers