Lego Wedding Photos [Product]

The date on the draft for this post is March of 2014.  So it's been a while since I took these photos.  In fact, I still had my old flashes, and this was about the same time I did the shoot with Amanda Hobbs and made it snow in my studio. 

My brother and his fiancee wanted some really nice wedding invitations to send out, and they're both lego nuts.  They're also getting married in the winter, in fact, this coming January.  

The snow was made with shaved soap, and took a bit of work to get right.  I couldn't just toss it, it fell too unevenly.  Instead I loaded up a piece of card stock with the fake snow and shook it to evenly spread out the flakes.  then I gradually and carefully shook it until it fell evenly off the edge of the paper, and shot a few frames. 

The light setup was pretty simple too.  Big light in front, hard light to rim.  I gelled the rear flash warm so that it would look like a twilight or sunset wedding.  In retrospect, I should have double-gelled the flash in the rear, put a gel on the front flash so it was warm and then toned the background to be cool.  I shot this in March, almost 10 months ago, so I've picked up a few things since then.  

I'm pretty happy with the results, and the wedding invitations look pretty cool too.