Exploring Nova Scotia - Cape Split

The trail into Cape Split is well maintained, groomed and subjected to heavy traffic all summer long.  It's also challenging, largely uphill (heading in) and about 6km one way which makes it a great challenge while toting a camera bag full of gear.  The big question: is it worth it? 

In a word: Yes.

The views at the end are other-worldly, a phrase I've been using more and more often to describe Nova Scotia's incredible scenery.  Situated on the Bay of Fundy, Cape Split is subjected to tides that rise and fall as much as 10m every 6 hours.  Combined with the landscape, this has led to erosion and striking rocky formations that beg to be photographed.  My weapons of choice for this trip were all film - a Nikon 35TI loaded with some Fuji 400H and the Hasselblad (Which I saved for the end) loaded with Tri-X. 

It's worth mentioning that our excursion started just in time for us to catch the sunset at the end of the trail, so our walk back to the car was even trickier as we picked our way along the trail in near-complete darkness (with the help of a few flashlights).  I do not recommend this but unfortunately as photographers we often find ourselves in challenging situations in the pursuit of great lighting.....

Photos below, thanks to Scott Blackburn (@Scottophoto) and Jerry Lynds (@realtygeek)

Exploring Sambro Island

Sambro Island is a pretty remarkable place.  Home of North America's oldest operational lighthouse, an entire flock of territorial seagulls and several run-down and abandoned buildings, it has stood guard at the very tip of the Halifax harbour since before the American Revolutionary War.   

While tours are normally not conducted, once a year the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society organizes an open-house day run by volunteers and semi-retired fisherman out of Sambro Head.  I happened to have some time to go explore the island with some friends (Shout out to @Scottophoto and @realtygeek on Instagram!). 


The photo below shows a view of the island (in the bottom left quadrant of the image, you'll have to squint) as it can be seen from Crystal Crescent on a clear day. 

Outdoor late summer Fashion with Megan Tobin


CLOTHING PROVIDED BY: SWEET PEA BOUTIQUE  (pieces by Mink Pink, Angel Eye, Lovelygirl Collection, and Evie)





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In an effort to rejuvenate my work I've begun taking more time to shoot outside.  I'm not one to simply obey the whims of nature, so I have been dragging an elinchrom ranger pack along for the ride as well as a photek softlighter.  This combo allows me to bring my studio lighting outside, but in a way that melts away as if it's not even there.  

Working harder on fewer shoots has translated to a much stronger showing of work as far as I can tell - last year's photo experiences totalled just under 90 but I'm on track for around 50 or so this year.  I think they're getting better as I learn more about art and image creating not just from a photographic perspective but also from paintings and even movies.  

On the business side of things I will be ramping up some new stuff as well as redesigning the website for a much more focused viewing of my images.  Right now it's just a cluster of whatever I want to upload and it's about time it saw a full scale overhaul.  Brace yourselves.  A new website is coming....


Grace - A Beach Glamour Session

This took forever to get together, but I finally completed the images from this amazing shoot with the absolutely stunning Grace Stavert.  When we hit the beach she took it to another level and glowed in the late afternoon sun.  

Sean Snow helped me on this shoot, and the makeup was done by Heidi Amelia.  

When the sun went away we changed gears to a softer look, but Grace kept sizzling in front of the lens.  

The amazing light and beautiful beach made for a perfect evening.  

Adventure In Moncton - Shoot 4/5 - Sophia Frigault

The inspiration from Sophia's shoot came from various sources, mostly glamour and high-key images.  It led to a fairly straightforward but effective concept: we wanted to really have really punchy light with a simple white background, all to add to the dramatic and smoking hot makeup, hair and styling.   Sophia was a dream to work with, and came out swinging with eye-catching expressions full of intensity and sex appeal.  



Photographer - Tim Lingley

Model - Sophia Frigault  (Scout Development Agency)

Hair/MU - Amy Barter

Styling - Boho and Braids ( http://bohoandbraids.com/)

Photo Assistant - Devon Rogers (http://www.devonrogersweddings.com/)