Melissa and Ben's Outdoor Celebration in Shediac

While I typically relish in the warmth of summer, the heat and humidity of the August long weekend was overbearing. It did however, make for an incredible atmosphere and stunning light throughout the day. I had never been to Shellac before but Melissa knew it inside and out - we started at Webster House, a gorgeous estate with all the amenities for an outdoor ceremony and perfect prep shots. From there, we explored some of the most famous New Brunswick tourist destinations, including the giant lobster and Shediac Waterfront. Captain Dan’s was the backdrop for the rest of the night, poised perfectly alongside the marina where we could get a few more couple photos before the night got funky.

Melissa and Ben were absolutely magical together - as you’ll see in the images below. Their wedding was a long time coming, as they have been together for some time as a young family with their nearly 2 year old son Harvey. I think my favourite moment (aside from the utensil-less cake demolishing) was the brief release of stress and emotion immediately after the ceremony. Their embrace and Melissa’s expression had me holding the camera in front of my face for a few extra seconds to recover…..

I’ll shut up now, but please, enjoy the story below!

Wedding Data

Locations: Webster House | Captain Dan’s | Shediac Waterfront 

Phrase of the day: Holy crap it’s HOT

Photo Partner: Kelly Lynn Martell


Tim: Nikon D850, D750, Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, Nikon 85mm 1.4D, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8

Kelly: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

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Chris and Kelsey - Halifax Wedding Photographer

Chris and Kelsey's wedding was an absolutely gorgeous affair in the beautiful countryside outside Fredericton, NB.   Sean went with the boys, I went with the girls, as per our usual arrangement.  Kelsey and I hit it off while we chatted in the salon, talking about careers, life, and of course, their upcoming honeymoon to Greece.  Sean took some photos of the guys playing guitar in the bathtub, while getting ready.  Soon we all reconvened for their first look and the family photos.  The sun beat down on us all during the ceremony at the beautiful pavilion at the Hazen Park Center in Oromoncto, and Kelsey blew everyone away when she walked down the aisle.  

Then there were toasts, tears and treasures being passed around, and before we knew it everyone was tearing it up on the dance floor.  We managed to sneak away briefly to get some gorgeous moments on camera down by the riverside, where things were quieter, where every moment counted. 

Our biggest goal for this wedding (and all future weddings) was to get closer.  What I didn't realize going into that thought process was that it was going to help me make a couple of new friends in Chris and Kelsey, two of the most amazing, easy-going people we've had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day.  

Model Test with Stephanie - Patterns Galore! [Halifax Fashion Photographer]





I loved shooting at Aperture studios but I hated the floor.   And that's exactly why I went to home depot to buy some flooring tiles to cover up the laminate horrors of red-orange-brown.   Instead of the brown tones, we now had a checkerboard pattern to shoot on and that meant black and white patterned garments (for the most part) to complement the setting.   The end goal of this whole effort was to create a space within the studio that didn't look at all like the studio.  

Nathanael [Halifax Portrait Photographer]

Nathanael hired me to do a portrait set for him when we passed through Fredericton on our way back from a wedding.  I love working for clients like him - he wanted us to simply do what we do best and make some magic.  As usual, with this kind of outdoor location we took a fashion editorial approach and sought out some unique locations around the gorgeous yet small downtown Fredericton core.  

The sun shining, we went to work and found some great light. And a bathtub.  

Big thanks to my pal Sean Snow for accompanying me and helping out on this shoot.  

Kelly and Ryan - Quick outdoor couple's shoot

Kelly and Ryan needed some portraits to do up as Christmas gifts, and since the weather was cooperative we headed out in search of some snowy winter wonderland areas.  Thankfully, the previous night's flurries had left a light dusting on the ground: just enough to create that nice winter touch.  

It helps that both of them have had a lot of time in front of the camera before, are a little goofy and that they were adorable as hell.  It also helps that they snickered at my poor humour, which usually consists of TV show references and the odd misplaced comment.  Whoops, did I say that out loud? Sorry! (all positive comments, don't worry!)

We shot for about 45 minutes, which was all we could stand.  Despite the appearance of the sunlight, it was pretty cold out and my fingers were starting to miss the buttons and dials on the camera.   Worth it.