Halifax Pride Parade Prep Portraits

The Halifax Pride Parade is one of the biggest events the city sees every year.  I decided this year to head down to the prep area and make some new friends through the viewfinder of the Hasselblad.  I packed up the camera, a couple rolls of Kodak Ektar, my 80mm lens and tripod and hit the road to hang out with all the amazing people getting ready to march in the parade.  Needless to say it was very easy to ask people to pose for a portrait, and the energy of the group was astounding! 

Here are my 20 photos from the 2017 Pride Parade Prep Area, mostly portraits but a few candid snaps as well.  

East Coast Rockabilly Riot - Backstage portraits

Every once in a while I have this compulsive urge to make portraits.  I need to get in the same room as some really cool people and make some really cool images.  That's why I jumped at the chance to work with the organizers of the East Coast Rockabilly Riot again to get some backstage portraits.  This year's performers included Bonita Chinchilla, Miss Magenta, Stoo Metz (MC and all around character) Mojo Martin, and The Screamin' Rebel Angels.   

In addition to the portraits I managed to snag a few shots of The Screamin' Rebel Angels on stage performing and man, what a show.  They've got some serious moves and know how to rock the house, despite the fact that they drove a full 12 hours straight to get to Halifax for the show!  Now that's dedication!   

12 hours on the road and a full set later, most mere mortals would be ready to pack it in.  The Screamin Rebel Angels kept on partying after this shoot!

Lucas' Portrait session - Movie Poster lighting

This session started as a trial run for lighting that I had no intention of really doing much with - I simply wanted to experiment with it and see what we got.  In fact, Lucas wasn't even a part of the equation until the day of the shoot when the other photographer who was going to come in and help experiment had an unexpected emergency and had to cancel.  Lucas came in and we got to work, using the incredible celebrity portrait photographer Marco Grob as inspiration (check the Avengers posters for some examples of his work, as well as his website http://www.marcogrob.com/). 

Lucas was excellent to work with and gave the camera a variety of intense and unique expressions, all the way from hysterical laughter to downright mean, and everything in between.  

This set was a great accomplishment for me; the lighting is unique and interesting, and Lucas brought something fresh to the table with his charisma. 

Of course I wanted to get Lucas onto the white seamless to see what else we could create, and I also brought out the Hasselblad to get some analog shots.  The black and white film results are stunning, but I haven't quite finished what I'm doing with them to be able to share with you yet.  

Analog shots were done as well - this is Agfa 160 Portrait film, expired for 7 years.  I had a bit of colour correction to do on this but the overall tone is part of the aesthetic of the film. 

Finally, here's a Behind the scenes shot of the lighting setup for posterity - so I can create it again sometime soon.  In all honesty this has a very unique character that takes a certain angle and position to really nail down.  Once you get it though, the results are incredible.  

A Fun shoot with Amanda (NSFW)

One of the great things about working with an experienced model like Amanda is how versatile she can be in front of the lens.  In the first set of images we worked on together for this session, she was sweet, innocent and carried a soft beauty that worked very well with the light and mood. 

When we broke out the bodysuit however, things got steamy and sultry - Amanda's demeanour changed completely.  We modified the lighting setup to darken things down in the background.  Soon after we switched gears altogether and began using a spotlight setup with lots of drama and hard edges.  

This took me a little while to work out, but I found with the light being so high up that it was best for me to get a little higher with the camera.  I grabbed one of the studio ladders and found some new angles I'd not yet worked at Aperture.  

For the final look Amanda donned some crushed velvet and the lighting just took care of the rest.  The punchy colour and intensity in the expressions say everything we wanted to say.  

One final credit -Big thanks to Alex Smyth for doing an amazing job on Makeup for this shoot.