Model Test with Maya (Scout Development Agency)






One of the things I love the most about working with Scout Development Agency is that the models are always so much fun to shoot with.  I get the opportunity to create and try new lighting setups and other techniques in the studio and the models always seem to have a great time.  Win win. 

In this particular instance I got to work with Maya, whose charm and beauty emanated into the room and translated extraordinarily well on camera.  The set was a basic grey seamless backdrop, which meant that there was no distraction from Maya. 

Model Test with Stephanie - Patterns Galore! [Halifax Fashion Photographer]





I loved shooting at Aperture studios but I hated the floor.   And that's exactly why I went to home depot to buy some flooring tiles to cover up the laminate horrors of red-orange-brown.   Instead of the brown tones, we now had a checkerboard pattern to shoot on and that meant black and white patterned garments (for the most part) to complement the setting.   The end goal of this whole effort was to create a space within the studio that didn't look at all like the studio.  

Dal Dance 2016 Posters

For the second time I had the awesome privelige of shooting the posters for DalDance's annual recital - and it was over-the-top awesome.   I'm not even sure where the inspiration came from to mix in the smoke but the results were better than I could have hoped for.   

The big recital is this weekend coming so be sure to grab tickets if you're in the neighbourhood and want to see a fantastic show. I've had the pleasure of shooting the recital for three years running now and it's always a treat.  

Thanks so much to Phil Roy for assembling the team of dancers, and to everyone who came to take part.  I'm really happy with the results this year and I think we outdid ourselves from two years past.  

A Fun shoot with Amanda (NSFW)

One of the great things about working with an experienced model like Amanda is how versatile she can be in front of the lens.  In the first set of images we worked on together for this session, she was sweet, innocent and carried a soft beauty that worked very well with the light and mood. 

When we broke out the bodysuit however, things got steamy and sultry - Amanda's demeanour changed completely.  We modified the lighting setup to darken things down in the background.  Soon after we switched gears altogether and began using a spotlight setup with lots of drama and hard edges.  

This took me a little while to work out, but I found with the light being so high up that it was best for me to get a little higher with the camera.  I grabbed one of the studio ladders and found some new angles I'd not yet worked at Aperture.  

For the final look Amanda donned some crushed velvet and the lighting just took care of the rest.  The punchy colour and intensity in the expressions say everything we wanted to say.  

One final credit -Big thanks to Alex Smyth for doing an amazing job on Makeup for this shoot.